Shawn Helton and Alternative Media

This is an EYETEETH podcast long-awated interview with the Cassius Clay of hard-hitting alternative reporting, Shawn Helton. In this interview we get to know Shawn and dip into some of his pet topics that are often ignored by the mainstream outlets. He is a regular correspondent on the Sunday Wire radio show and podcast  with Patrick Henningson (you might know from RT and other alternative outlets). Shawn is currently unraveling a story regarding new information surrounding the Kurt Cobain suicide ... or was it foul play?  If you want to lift that veil and discover the truth of what is really happening on the world stage, Shawn is a fantastic place to get your start and a person to keep a tab on when your dig deeper into the rabbit hole of seeking knowledge. I must also mention his other talent as a multimedia artist who regularly has work on display in local art galleries. You can find his work on his blog Art Against The Empire, and you will see that it is full of dark meaning and relevance to the human struggle with the powers-that-be. Who are "THEY" - and what do "THEY" want- and how do "WE" stand up against "THEM"? tune in to this episode and follow Shawn on facebook and his other outlets to find out!