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The Words that Define Who We Are

This Episode starts out with just MO in a 10 minute rant about podcasting and the exquisite joys therein- if this part gets too preachy and dull for you just skip ahead to the 10 minute point when the interview with DR GO begins. It is our first one-on-one chat in which we discuss about the nature of language and its role in today's society. Even though Dr GO is a medical doctor we get in a deep anthropological analysis of our roles set on pedestals as parents verses piers. Our conversation was tragically cut short because we had to throw a steak on the grill as usually happens when DR GO is in town. But hopefully he will return soon to expound on our pontifications. Very good episode -albeit short- don't miss it


Shameful Sub-Zero Summer Shandy

The three Toothskateers are back to entertain the heck out of your head. Cutting-edge dick-scanning technology on chat roulette. Trolls, Sprites and other characters you thought only existed in mythology and fairytales are explained. Mo and Luke and Matt are here for the Podcasting. GET YOUR exclustive EYETEETH PODCAST SHIRT BEFORE JANUARY 21st at....   .....we need 20 pre-orders to get this party started!