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Off the Meds

Luke and Mo wishing you a horrifying Halloween.  Does religion help the arts or does it make art suck? What are the words you can't say around 12 year-olds? Shakespeare, Tull, Mindcraft, and, of course, Batman... so many topics brought to you by my new espresso machine. Thanks for tuning into the EYETEETH Podcast, you tooth-seekers are sure to be fully entertained! 


Eyeteeth #65 with Paul Edwards

After last podcast with Shawn Helton (and a rant-astic interview on the Fun With Fiction Podcast with Luke Morris) Mo is on the hunt to find and expose the dark underbelly of our culture. Joining Mo, Paul is back to share insights of the strange conspiracy that lurks behind the shaddowy curtain. This episode was brought to you by "McDoogan's Whiskey"- you'll have to listen to hear all about Mr. Mc Doogan...


Virtual Libraries of Sound Space

It is a Music Forum with returning guest and keeper-of-the-rythem, PAUL EDWARDS. WE discuss the etherial nature of music and the magical properties that music has. What does the music obsession look like in the electronic era? How do we escape the maddening silence? Tune in and find out! 

Also: Check out Paul's music-themed art-display! On APRIL 15, if you are in Berkley, Michigan then find a place called Tootie & Talullah's and see his prints! HECK if you are a Hendrix fan or an Elliott Smith fan  you should just buy one of the must-have prints for your wall at home. Contact Paul via email - and grab yours today!
I will have images of his art up at the EYETEETH PODCAST WEBSITE 

Mercy Hat Fetish

In this Eyeteeth breakdown of human absurdity Matt helps Mo come to grips with the conflict of being a good podcaster and a good father. Eyeteeth will never be the radio show from the 50's that leaves out important subject matter like "preventing anal leakage" or "woes of gender-reassignment surgery" because the Eyeteeth are blind to no human perversion or absurd ritual that lurks in the twisted underbellies of society. This was mainly a show to put us back on the rails headed toward discovery of all things that make up the insane beast that is human individualism. Observation with a biting edge - this is what the EYETEETH PODCAST shall forever be. 


People vs. Music

Music is the fruit of Love and Love is the fruit of Life so let's chop up some juicy fruits and dissect the world of music and entertainment with our resident musical specialist and enthusiast, Paul Edwards. Yes, we are happy to have or friend, Paul, back while Luke is visiting family in Colorado as we take you a bit deeper into the world and the ethos and the miasma of the musical soup that we all share strong addiction to. A great podcast again and certainly not even close to the last of its kind. Next up, Matt Winter comes back in to the Eyeteeth Podcast Studio to discuss the mystery that is "time"- so check back in later this week for more Eyeteeth Entertainment! Please take the time to RATE REVIEW and SHARE. We love and appreciate your support 


Music in everything

Introducing a new friend of the Eyeteeth Podcast, Paul Edwards, who sits in via Skype to talk a bit about his passion of music and its unavoidable influence in all aspects of our lives. Please excuse my baby making a few noises in the background of this episode and my own congestion - otherwise a very good and informative episode on the Eyeteeh, can't wait to get Paul back in the studio for a follow up on this!